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The choice you have to make about your unplanned pregnancy is not an easy one. It’s not just about the practical problems that a baby brings. It’s also about your feelings, beliefs and personal values. The information given here is to help you explore what each option (parenting or adoption or abortion) might mean for you in your situation. It is important that you also take into account any deeper emotional concerns.

LC logoMany people look forward to having children at some time in their lives, but deciding to keep a baby which was not planned is a responsibility for which many of us feel unprepared. It can seem even more difficult if there are other concerns such as finances, housing, health, college or career. Practical help is available that may ease some of the problems and make the prospect of parenting a possible option.

Financial help….
If you are on a low income, there are benefits…You can find our more by contacting your local Benefits Agency, or an advice centre, (such as Citizens Advice Bureau – CAB)

Financial help is available for those on a low income who pay rent. Housing advice, including advice about possible homelessness, can be obtained from your local council. You can make an appointment to talk to someone about your situation.

Health care….
Midwives, doctors and health visitors can help you with the pregnancy, birth and labour, as well as with caring for your baby later. If you work, you are entitled to time off for antenatal appointments. You’ll be given the opportunity to attend parentcraft classes too. Some are especially for teenagers.

Single parents who wish to get back into work having been on benefits can receive help with childcare costs, and looking for a job.

Continuing with your job or education….
Many colleges allow you to defer your course until you are able to resume your studies. Childcare facilities may be available. If you are working, you may be entitled to maternity leave and pay.

Clothes and Equipment….
Baby clothes and equipment can be very expensive. Good quality barely used clothes and equipment can be obtained locally much more cheaply. Please contact us for further information…

Final thoughts….
Becoming a parent isn’t just about practical considerations – there are also emotional ones. It’s about the pleasure of having a baby to care for and nurture, how you feel deep down about being a mother. It may be important for you to look past the circumstantial problems and think more carefully about what being a mother means for you.