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The choice you have to make about your unplanned pregnancy is not an easy one. It’s not just about the practical problems that a baby brings. It’s also about your feelings, beliefs and personal values. The information given here is to help you explore what each option (parenting or adoption or abortion) might mean for you in your situation. It is important that you also take into account any deeper emotional concerns.

LC logoWhat’s involved?
Methods vary depending on the stage of pregnancy; options will be discussed with you by the abortion provider after a dating scan confirms gestation. Below is an outline of what is offered.

• Up to 9 weeks early medical abortion

• Up to 7 weeks early surgical abortion

• 9-24 weeks medical abortion

• 7-15 weeks suction termination under local or general anasthetic

• 15-24 weeks surgical by a specialist practitioner

What are the risks?

In a very few instances…

1. Infection. Antibiotics are routinely given after an abortion. If infection is persistent _ it can lead to infertility. (Don’t need to say ‘in a very small number of women’ again).

2. Unusual bleeding. This may need further treatment.

3. Damage to the cervix, (neck of the womb). This can lead to future miscarriages.

Emotional Effects

Most women feel relief after an abortion but later some women find difficulty coming to terms with the experience. They may have a sense of loss, anger, grief, guilt, shame or sadness.
Some women are tearful. have bad dreams or find it difficult to be near babies or pregnant women. Others report wanting another baby straight away. Anniversary dates can be difficult times. Relationships can be tense or even break down.

Emotional disquiet may occur in women who:
– felt under pressure to do what someone else wanted.
– were uncomfortable with abortion before they became pregnant.
– felt dictated to by their circumstances.
– had strong maternal feelings they tried to ‘keep down’.
– had previously suffered from depression.
– had a late abortion or one for foetal abnormality.

NHS Choices – Abortion