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The choice you have to make about your unplanned pregnancy is not an easy one. It’s not just about the practical problems that a baby brings. It’s also about your feelings, beliefs and personal values. The information given here is to help you explore what each option (parenting or adoption or abortion) might mean for you in your situation. It is important that you also take into account any deeper emotional concerns.

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At Lighthouse Family Centre we can offer you:

1. A free pregnancy test with an immediate result.

2. Support to help you come to terms with the result.

3. An opportunity to talk confidentially to one of our practitioners, by phone or at the office. Partners are welcome to be part of this too.

4. Information and space to think, so that your decision is neither hurried nor based on lack of knowledge. The practitioner will help you to explore the options open to you…Being pressurised into a hasty decision is never helpful. We do not do this
More information on the options open to you: Parenting, Adoption, Abortion.