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After Abortion

LC logoExperiencing problems after an abortion?
Perhaps you are distressed having had a termination, either recently or in the past, and would find it helpful to talk over your feelings with someone who cares. Lighthouse can help. Men can also struggle after an abortion.

Some women readily choose to have an abortion. For others the position they find themselves in when facing an unplanned pregnancy can make them feel there is no alternative.

The pressure of circumstances can seem overwhelming and there is often a lack of support at this critical time.

Following an abortion, a woman’s immediate feeling is often one of relief. It seems like the problem is solved and life is back to normal. But for some the initial relief is replaced with a variety of emotional side-effects which they had not expected.

These symptoms can surface even years after the abortion and may Include:
– Depression
– Recurrent dreams of the abortion or the unborn child . Feelings of guilt and remorse
– A sense of emptiness and loss
– Relationship difficulties
– Anger and rage at husband, partner, family, friends or even other children
– Eating disorders, alcohol or drug abuse
– Feelings of helplessness, isolation and low self-worth
– Emotional numbness

Some women have little alternative but to bury these painful feelings in order to survive. The abortion has often been a secret, and if family or friends do know they are often uncertain how to react or how to talk about it without hurting her feelings. The woman herself may also fear revealing her feelings in case she is judged or misunderstood. Ultimately buried pain can lead to emotional disquiet and stress.

If you are suffering following an abortion, there is help available.